Impact Consumerism

Welcome to Impact Consumerism, a guide to using your spending power to make businesses work for us. It’s time to take control of our country and stop hoping that those in power will do what’s best.

Currently under construction, this website and the movement it hopes to inspire will be comprised of several sections.

As a background,¬†The Rise of Impact Consumerism is a thorough overview of where we are as a society and how we can move forward. The main concept is that our institutions of power aren’t functioning properly, and the best way to affect meaningful change is to enlist the power of the free market. Through consumer choice, we can encourage business to address our most pressing social issues.

We’re examining and identifying the various ways individual consumers can take action to encourage businesses to take a more active stand.

To start, we need your help to spread our ideas as far as we can – sorry the buttons below are ugly, I’ll fix it soon, but I think they work¬†?.

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