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We need you on board if Impact Consumerism is going to get to a place where companies are taking notice and are changing their behavior to more positively impact the world at large. Only with overwhelming participation can we hope to change business behavior to the degree we need to.

Getting to a place where conscientious consumers like you truly understand the impact of the purchases is not going to be easy.

It’s still early days for this movement, and with only one person devoted full-ish time there’s only so much I can do.

This movement is still in it’s infancy, and right now the two areas where we most need your help are

  • Help spread awareness – The more people who get involved, the better our chances of having an impact quickly

    Financial support – Unfortunately, we’re going to need a lot of resources to take on the status quo. See our roadmap for the current projects we’re attempting to take on.

You can also get involved by

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  • Join or start a group focused an an issue, either in your local community or online
  • #AskBusiness
  • Contributing to our Wiki (coming soon)
  • Writing articles – click here to see what we would like to see written
  • Check out our list of pages currently under construction to see if you can contribute to any
  • If you have skills in any of these area we could use your help – computer programming, web design, writing, public relations, non profit, legal, accounting.

Please email info at to get in touch, looking forward to hearing from you!